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ICC class period 4 Thursday

Topic: Kappa


There are many mummies in Japan.

Look at this picture. This is mummy of Kappa. Fifty years ago, the box was found at sake shop. There was a mummy in the box and the word “Kappa“ was written on the box. Since then, this mummy has been worshipped as the god of sake. Look at this picture. This is kappa’s hand. At the Edo period, when hours was drawn to the river, the hand of kappa was cut off. Those are other pictures. Now there is an opinion that kappa is an alien, Grey. Grey’s special features are
1.      1.4m and 18kg
2.      The head is very big
3.      The hands and feet are slightly
4.      The hands are long, the feet are short
5.      Four fingers, no thumb, there are webs between fingers
6.      The eyes are very big, and there are no pupil of eyes
7.      There are ears, but no earlobes
8.      The nose and mouth are very small, mouth is a slit, and there is no rip
9.      The skin is gray and hairless
10.     There is no sexual
These features are true of kappa. Since Edo period, the word “kappa” has been used and the image of kappa became what we know. Before then, the figure of kappa was very similar to Grey. At egg-laying time, a male holds on a female or another things, this special quality said “Kappa is engaging in Sumou.” or ”The child was drowned by kappa.”     



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